Gordon Robertson + Chris Wienke: Right to the heart

Gordon Robertson + Chris Wienke: Right to the heart

Both Gordon Robertson (The Damn Choir) and Chris Wienke (Carbon Tigers) infuse indie rock with emotion and energy in unique ways, and for their Stars Align session they traded off showcasing stripped-down versions of their own work and each other’s tracks.

A little bit of backstory: this session came together relatively quickly after some last-minute cancellations, which left the pair relatively little time to prepare. But despite a few hiccups, the end product is still pretty impressive.

Robertson confessed he was nervous during his set.

“When I sing I sound like I have a brick in my mouth,” he joked with Wienke, “but when you sing you sound like a sweet baby angel man.”

This session was recorded live at the GMan Tavern and presented by Begyle Brewing.