Nick Dellacroce + Omar Gonzalez: Feeling the noise

Nick Dellacroce + Omar Gonzalez: Feeling the noise

One of the best things about Stars Align is you never know what will happen when artists team up. We’ve had everything from classic covers to completely improvised sets.

This session from Nick Dellacroce (Bongripper) and Omar Gonzalez (Rectal Hygenics) is definitely something completely different.

While both Nick and Omar make some pretty heavy music with their respective groups, for their Stars Align session they highlighted their own side projects, which are more of the ambient noise variety.

Now this is definitely a type of music many people are less familiar with, if they’ve heard it at all. It’s a completely different type of listening experience; It’s almost physical, and it’s completely up for interpretation.

“You have to be an open-minded listener to actually get whatever the hell we’re doing.”Omar said.“It’s all about mood, it’s all about setting a tone, it’s all about texture.”

“It’s definitely different listening to music when it doesn’t have a hook to it; it takes a different mindset to appreciate it,” Nick said. “There’s no one telling you what to think about it, and I think you connect with it better.”

Nick and Omar performed two pieces. They’re both sweeping in their scope, creating vast atmospheres of sound. At the live show, with the speakers turned up, you could actually feel the ebbs and swells of it.

All this sound came from a mishmash of machinery that Nick and Omar laid across a fold-out table on the stage. Omar runs a bunch of tape loops and processes them, while Nick uses drum loops and synthesizers as the basis of his work.

One of the cassettes used by Omar for the second piece is actually a recording he said is of a “mother’s heartbeat.” The resulting oceanic sounds definitely feel like you’re going back into the womb.

“I love that sound of water washing over and just low-end, weird sound,” Omar said. “I don’t know if it’s some sort of subconscious thing.”

This session is definitely one best listened to with some headphones on. Plug in and just let it wash over you.